December 19, 2008

Illustrations from Screech Owl Design

I have conquered my finals. But, unfortunately and inevitably, in the process of overpowering my evil exams, I have had a total brain melt down. I can't seem to function correctly and bright colors hurt my eyes which seem to have become Gollum sized orbs from studying in the wee hours of the dark solely by the light of a desk lamp. So these nice, color muted illustrations from screech owl design are just what my sensitized corneas need. Have a good weekend everybody. I'm going to go sleep forever.


  1. congrats on conquering your finals!!!
    i remember those days......
    love these illustrations! the birds nest in my favorite.

    get some rest! and enjoy the weekend.

  2. Hurray! You're done for the semester :) Bravo, you!

    These illustrations are so sweet. Simple but so well done!

  3. lizzy,
    i just gave you an award!


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