December 1, 2008

Ever Forget What Day It Is?

Well next year you won't if you get a calendar you just can't take your eyes off of!
By the way # 2 is my favorite!

1. gathered together calendar from Fred Flare 2. Wooden Calendar from Night Owl Paper Goods 3. Places I Have Never Been Jhill Design Calendar 4. Driscoll Design desktop calendar 5. Folky letterpress calendar from Dutchdoor


  1. Funny, number 2 is my favorite as well :) I love the selection though!

  2. #2 is very sweet, i am very partial to #5. I really like the all year on one deal at the moment. very pretty

  3. Ok my faves are #1 and #5! But I'd gladly get them all and put one in each room. Great roundup!! I might get one for a white elephant


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