December 15, 2008

The Charotte "Chuck" Charles Style Guide Part One Repost

Pushing Daisies is one of my favorite television shows. Ever. What do I love about it? Will darn near everything! Chuck's outfits, Olive's outfits, Ned (sigh), the sets... oh I could gush forever. Currently one of my favored ways to spend the day is maddeningly searching the internet for pictures of Chuck's outfits and trying to recreate them. Sometimes I actually find exact pieces other times my efforts seem fruitless. But I made a grand discovery the other day. I stumbled upon (thank the Lord for Stumble!) Chuck_Chic. A livejournal dedicated to Chuck and her outfits. She has ever so painstakingly put together the Charlotte "Chuck" Charles Style Guide. Bless her soul!


  1. what a great find!
    i love her accessories!!! and her fun colours she always wears.

  2. These are great finds :) I love the shoes she has!

  3. i love chuck, she's so cute and these compilations are great!

  4. OMG those black boots are GORGEOUS :O


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