January 12, 2009

These are a Few of My Favorite Things and it's the 100th post!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, whether it was filled with adventure or relaxing. Today I have realized that this is Rocket Out's 100th post! I am very excited, and down right proud of myself, to have reached this milestone in the world of blogging. This was, in the beginning, just a place for myself personally to store pictures and ideas of things that I was attracted to. I never, ever imagined that I would keep it up or make some lovely blogger acquaintances either. Oh but how great both turned out to be! Thank you to all who read, your comments and wonderful spirits keep me motivated! You may also have noticed that the logo has been given a face lift. I wasn't terribly complacent with the original one. It was a little too big and sketchy for my taste. Now I am no graphic designer but I am very satisfied with my finished product. My older sister Jennifer helped me choose between three designs, and this one just stood out from the rest. Looking forward to this brand new week!

1. savona bri purse from Kate Spade 2. Pear Pillow from Jonathan Alder 3. Green Daisy Stone Dress from My Wardrobe 4. Absinthe Heels from Anthropologie 5. Stamped Crocodile Leather Belt from Forzieri


  1. congrats on the 100th post. lovely little collection here. i just bought my first jonathan adler pillow and i'm in love.

  2. Congrats! Loooove all the green. I am going to Ireland for my honeymoon and this would be the perfect outfit! Love the new banner too!

  3. congratulations on 100! i love your greens, you 'rock them out' ;)!


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