January 13, 2009

The itch to Stitch

It has been really warm here in the Bay Area recently. It has me mad for spring. So much that I have concocted this vision of myself in khaki shorts paired with beautiful sandal wedges and topped off with a customized top embroidered with beautiful patterns from Sublime Stitching. Shorts and Wedges? Check. Top? Having some trouble. This is my inspiration piece:
I like the shape of the dress and the placement of embroidery, but I think I want a taupe color. Not sure. Guess it just depends on what I find. Next the embroidery from Sublime Stitching. I could go in so many different directions.
Cute woodland creatures?
Enchanting Mermaids?
Dutch Russian?
Any suggestions? Votes? Well at least I have time to figure all of this out. The cold weather will be back any day now and will be staying till March. Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


  1. I'm all over your Dutch Russian :) How cool!

  2. love the images, so sweet!
    i wish it was warm here, it's supposed to be 30 below zero with wind chill tomorrow. not looking forward to getting up to walk the dog in the morning.

  3. Super cute blog. I will be back often! Love this post too!


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