October 10, 2008

Get the Look: Chuck from Pushing Daisies

Love this show, and especially Chuck's outfits! My sister recommended that I do a "Get the Look" for Chuck's character, and perhaps maybe sometime in the future I'll do Olive or maybe even Ned. Chuck is so adorable and I am totally entranced by her head scarfs and retro inspired apparel. I love the fact that she is pretty much ALWAYS wearing a dress or skirt. Inspiration explosion from this show I dare say!
1. Vest from Wet Seal 2. Devil Doll Red & Black pumps from Plastic Land 3.
Black silk-cashmere turtleneck babydoll sweater dress from Bluefly 4. Like a Fever Dress from Mod Cloth 5. Mod Mary Jane Wedge from Edge of Urge 6. Tights from Urban Outfitters 7. Cropped Cardigan from My Wardrobe 8. Belvederes Pink Party Pumps from Mod Cloth 9. Isaac Mizrahi Taffeta Couture Dress from Target.

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