October 7, 2008

Edge Of Urge Boutique

I am totally loving the fashion forward apparel from Edge of Urge Boutique. I went overboard putting some outfits together, but hey I sure had some fun doing it!

For the Ladies:
Liz Saintsing Crane Purse 2. Cub scout top by Wednesday 3. Poppy flower ring from Swallow. 4. Janine pants by People's Liberation 5. gelinka heel by Kathryn Amberleigh

6. Line back dress by Thieves 7. Saima shoes by Chie Mihara
8. Buttons up. by Matte Black 9. Jackie boots by Ce Ce Chin 10. Chaquita bag by Goorin 11. Pleated skirt By Mociun.

And you Gentlemen:
1. Primal Cassette t shirt by Heavy Rotation 2. K Pau shoes by Camper 3. Tyler pants by Paper

4. The Ross By Penguin 5. Suitcase synth by Heavy Rotation 6. Alec pants by Paper

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