June 9, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things: Mugs

It's no secret that I am obsessed with mugs. There are so many pretty ones to be found on the internet, all of them just waiting to become a home to my coffee and daintily sipped out of. Here are just a few (okay 30 isn't really a few) fabulous mugs that I would LOVE to own.
1. An Apple A Day Mug, 2. Atomic Robot Mug, 3. Pete's Vintage Logo Mug, 4. Pole Pole Frog Mug, 5. Orla Kiely Multi Stem Mug, 6. Lion Mug, 7. Plum Crush Mug, 8. White Bird Deux Mug, 9. Red Riding Hood Mug, 10. Bird Mug
11. Linear Flower Oval Print Mug, 12. Hattifatteners Mug, 13. Unikko Mug Yellow, 14. Rainy Monday Mug, 15. Aarikka Koivisto Mug, 16. Trellick Tower Mug Soft Green, 17. Tea and Toast Mug, 18. Grape Pantone Mug, 19. Pear Crush Mug 20. Kulkue Mug, 21. Keep Calm & Carry On Mug, 22. Cottage Classic Mug, 23. Solar System Mug, 24. It's A Beautiful Day Mug, 25. Poodle Shiloutte Mug, 26. Pink Love Mug, 27. Yellow Snorkmaiden Mug, 28. Pepe and Friends Rosenthal Gogo Mug, 29. Flower Oval Mug, 30. Jaakarhu Mug


  1. Orla Kiely's best but they are all cute!

  2. awesome selection. i love moomin.

  3. So fun! I want that lion one because I am a leo. :)

  4. This is a terrific collection...I can't chose my favorite!

  5. I don't even know where to start!


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