May 18, 2009

Let's Play Tag!

The lovely Cindy from quaint handmade tagged me in a fun little q&a. Thought it would be a nice start to the week :)

1. Current obsession: Mugs. I haven't used a glass in months. There is something so handy about that handle...
These pretties are from Three Potato Four. They always have a fun assortment of mugs!

2. One item from my wardrobe I wear most often: My cardigans. I practically own one in every color and length so I can wear one almost everyday no matter what the weather! (Unless it is super hot, which it was over the weekend when it got to 100+ degrees!)
How can I afford so many? I buy from places like forever21.

3. The last thing I bought: This fabulous Orange Container from Etsy.
Perfect for all my little crafty doodads.

4. I’m listening to: Blind Pilot, their music is so heart-felt.

Love their album art too.

5. Any Pets? Why or why not: Way too many. The fam and I love animals. The list goes as follows: Rascal, the orange tabby cat, Bradley, the Germanshepard mix dog, Tuxy & Basil, our terrified of every bump and movement Rabbits, Coco, the cranky Cocotile, and Jack M. Crazy Fish, my beloved Beta. We could be considered our own zoo for goodness sake!

6. My favorite holiday spot: This is so tough! I'm going to have to say the greater Santa Cruz area. You've got the Redwoods, the beach, and that one lighthouse my Mom always drags us to.
Pigeon Point! That's the name of the lighthouse. Photo by Koby Guye.

7. 4 words to describe me: Dependable, quirky, thoughtful, anxious.

8. Guilty Pleasure: Leather purses. Oh my pretties how you drain my wallet.

9. The best thing I’ve had to eat or drink lately: My Morning Coffee. Simple yet satisfying.
From the Keep Calm Gallery.

10. Favorite film: Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly.

11. Favorite song: Stay for Good, by Carly Escoto.

12. Favorite Flower: The good old Sun flower.
Probably one of the most photographed flowers around! Photo by Claudia.Ar

13. Who makes me laugh: Anyone really, it's not hard to make me laugh, but Brain Regan does a pretty good job!

Cracks me up every time.

14. First sign of spring: My mother's lilac tree beginning to bloom. That's how I know!

So the great thing about this is I get to tag some other people, hopefully learn a little bit about them and then they get to tag some more people and well you can see where this is going! My choices are Dilly Dallas, Made Sweet & Lovely Little Things. Hope everyone has a great Monday. This is my last Monday of classes for this school year yay!


  1. i love to drink milk in my mug and blind pilot sounds great. i need some new tunes! love your list and learning more about you. i definitely have pet envy ;).

  2. ooh! fun! i too love cardigans, and when i hear brian regan i laugh until my sides ache!

  3. So good to get to know you better! Love your lists!

  4. I love that version of Pride & Prejudice, so many people prefer the BBC version, but I love Keira Knightley!

  5. Okay, you are such a cool person! What a great and entertaining list :)


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