May 5, 2009

Get the Look: Prairie Style?

This is my own take on the prairie look I guess. Not sure if I really hit the mark with it though, what do you think? Any suggestions on what it could be considered?

1. Vamos Coat 2. Feathered Covered Headband 3. Blue Turquoise Necklace 4. Daisy Jalousie Silk Blouse 5. Cara Slouch Boot 6. Salt Caramel Belt 7. Check Button Through Skirt


  1. the outfit is great, i especially love the blouse.

  2. This is so fun and playful!

  3. The plaid reminds me more of the woods than the prairie, and the coat seems a little heavy for the prairie look too. This seems to be more of an outdoorsy hodge podge to me. Also the turquoise is more southwest. Hope that helps :)

  4. This is just too adorable! Love the accessories and that blouse is really cute!


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