June 1, 2009

Morning All, I'm back!

Good day on this Monday morning! Please excuse my absence last week from the blog-o-sphere. I was just too busy with my finals to do any kind of posting/commenting really. Finals are done though, school is out now, summer vacation has just begun, so now I'm back in action, kicking back and taking it easy! I'll be taking the next few days to catch myself up on everyone's lovely posts that I missed from the previous week and getting myself back into the swing of things here. Real posting will commence tomorrow!

Photo from the portfolio of Justin Waldron.


  1. hooray! congrats on finishing finals!!

  2. Welcome back. Those pancakes look so yummy!!

  3. Yah! You are free! It's morning here in Hawaii right now and I think I am going to go have pancakes now. :)

    BTW: Thanks for checking out my new blog. I am glad you like it.

  4. Hurray! I'm so glad you're done with finals, that's gotta be a relief!

  5. Well done Lizzy!
    Very pleased for you.

  6. welcome back! your mind must feel so free with your exams all done. hurray!

  7. yeah, finals are complete!! on with the fun stuff.
    glad to have you back, I was out last week too with my mum visiting to help me set up my house.
    I have so much to catch up on:)


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