February 9, 2009

Orla Kiely Lookbook Spring/Summer 2009

Before you ask, yes. Yes I am obsessed with Orla Kiely. (I bought myself her new laundry bag from her Target line yesterday and I am just anxiously waiting for the rest of her line to trickle its way into my local store!) But how can you not be? Everything she creates is so colorful, cheerful, and cheeky. Just take a look see at her Spring and Summer Lookbook for this year!

I like the third outfit here with the rainbow top and cropped pants. So cute! There is a whole lot of inspiration here and I love it!

Have I ever voiced my love for a supple purse? I have always admired her scrumptious bags.

Also loving these adorable swim suites. So frilly and colorful! [Personal Side note: My friend Nicole and I are getting back in shape, maybe I will reward myself with one of these beauties when I am beach ready : ) !!!!!!]


  1. Such cute swimsuits! Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog.

    You have a lovely blog as well!


  2. You've opened up a huge pandoras box for me, I think! I had NO idea she did so much!

  3. Oh I love her lookbook photos. That ghosting effect is really cool!

  4. I am really digging that bikini with the ruffles on the butt!
    and I love the outfit with the blue t and the skirt mulit coloured stripe in the v pattern.
    okay, i am so very tired and this is not making sense! the first outfit! there better.

  5. these are so cute - i love that brown bag, as well as the white one!

  6. Hi Lizzy,
    Your blog is lovely! I also adore orla Kiely designs. I Opened recently a website dedicated to Orla Kiely items.
    Check out http://www.iloveorla.com/
    Have a wonderful day!


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