November 5, 2009

Guide: A Backpack Dilemma

I've been wanting a new backpack...but which one? I have always admired the Fjällräven packs but just look at all of these other pretties I've come across! Oh cruel decisions. Although, I think my top three would have to be number 2, number 5, and number 7. How about you?

1. Bleecker Nylon Backpack, 2. AJITO faux-leather trim backpack, 3. Kimchi Blue Canvas Backpack, 4. Portfranc, Houndstooth Backpack, 5. BoynMen Backpack, 6. MITOSHOP backpack, 7. Kanken Backpack in Sand, 8. Sherpani Vida, 9. Desert Backpack.


  1. I really like #2, it's a nice clean design. It sort of doesn't even look like a backpack.

  2. I like 4 and 7. It really depends on where you plan on wearing the backpack.

  3. Hey! Just come across your blog, it's cute! I love it. *Follows*
    As for the backpacks, numbers 4, 5 and 6 for me. I am a sucker for plaid and navy.

  4. Fjällräven is always nice, number 4 too, and several others...


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