July 7, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things: Sandals

As a California girl I love love love love love sandals! And boy would I LOVE to wear every single pair of these beauts on my feetsies all year round :)

1. Reef Zoey Sandals 2. Lapis Gladiators 3. Seeri Steve Madden Sandals 4. Aqua Culture Sandals 5. Peony Sandal 6. Wyllow Sandals 7. Dexter Paige Flower Sandals 8. Rainbow Sandals 9. Jacey Sandal


  1. Number 6, has to be my favorite. I've never been a shoe girl, but more and more I see something that I find 'cute'.

  2. Loving 9, really cute!

    Happy belated birthday Lizzy, many beautiful returns.

  3. Love your finds. I have a pair similar to number 8 and I wear them practically every day.

  4. SOOO glad you threw in some rainbows...as a Cali girl how could you not?

  5. Love those green gladiators... I think I obsessed with that style right now!


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