April 22, 2009

Retro.etc & Lotta Kühlhorn

If I ever visit Stockholm Sweden I would totally fill my suitcase with items from Retro.etc

The shop is a fun and colorful fusion of the old and the new, providing retro & vintage products along with some modern day designers such as my designer idol Orla Kiely (see her pretty notebooks above?!) and some fabulous newer designers like Lotta Kühlhorn.

Her designs are bright and bold, with all of that voluptuous retro appeal that I live for. Just look at that wall covered in her fun designs! Here are just a few of her kitchen wares:

Apple Cutting Boards
Bricka Tray

Apple Coasters

Beetroot Tea Towel

Don't forget to check out more of her stuff over at her website! She has tons of wonderful patterns & designs to rifle through!


  1. hop!

    Love the featured store. Too bad we don't have anything even resembling that store in the Philippines.

  2. Can I come with you on your shopping trip?

  3. What a fun store.. I want to go shopping too!

  4. these kitchen wares would brighten up any space!

  5. this shop is amazing!! love everything :)


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